by Plural Being

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released December 8, 2016

Joe Lachut / Nevin Marshall / Bill Flint / John Fahy

Recorded by Marc Davis on 09/25/16
Mixed by Joe Lachut
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
IFB Records - no. 109



all rights reserved


Plural Being Fort Myers, Florida

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Track Name: Pox on Ghost
The cost of living
Sacrifice mystery
Replace it with work and doubt
Leave the big questions to someone else
I've got a mortgage to pay
High time for living
& nothing else

Too tired for any of that

What the fuck is happening?
When did I become so one-dimensional?
No stomach for beliefs
No time left for the supernatural

Do I need
Less medication?
To have more sex?
To work less hours?
To just relax?

No more exciting fears
Nothing hiding in the shadows
Fears are no much more real
Boring and tangible
Like providing
Or sickness
Fingers chewed down to the quip

I'm fucking tired!
Track Name: Middle Aged Middle America
I don't feel very romantic
My son's a bit too bohemian
So i'm forced to act like a man
My daughter's addicted to pain pill & lying
I think she goes to college
She's becoming human scuzz

So I don't feel very romantic

Went for a drive
Late at night
People were camping outside of stores
Oh yeah, I guess it's Black Friday
They were probably complaining
All of them were very caucasian
So needless to say...

I don't feel very romantic

Maybe I'll get some wire
& wrap it around some skin
I'll probably just choke it down
& try not to bum you out
I'll probably just force a smile
& try not to self-destruct

Maybe I'll get some wire
& wrap it around some skin
I'll probably just go to work
& forget to kiss my wife
Track Name: Grey Man
Ambition is a dirty word
I learned that from some book
& that anise cures a stomach ache
Who knows if it's true?
Been around long enough now
That the fruit is definitely ripe
I should be able to pick a good one
Is it bitter? Does it taste wrong?
Tastes like apprehension
Maybe it's just over my head

Sophisticated pallet
But a raw & scarred esophagus

Leaned from a low vantage point
Perspective from the wrong side of town
Empty-pocket confidence
But trying hard
Eyes still pointed down
Hard-earned wisdoms
Look more like character flaws

Flaws & short sightedness
Back & forth between
Compassion & stubbornness
Empathy & judgment

Small grey man
mixed parts
good & bad
what about you?
Track Name: Revolution Bummer
Loosen your bindings
Fold your costume neatly
The nightly performance is through
Now the real show can begin
If enough people tune in

Mount your steed
Secure the blinders

Hoist up your crusade
Head for the grand stage
Turn the lights up bright
So no one can see in
Dial in your character
Choose the right stage name
& come out swinging

Now that you're in public
Comfortable & safe
Say your piece
Condemn a peer
Without the chance of confrontation

Now drop the axe
On anyone's head
Doesn't matter who
As long as you're swinging
Track Name: No Life Hack
No life hack
You can't have your country back
Coward tack
You can vote for that maniac
Prone to fits
No one gives a fucking shit
I have to ask
You think you know the first thing about hate?

Saddest sack
You don't get your money back
Selfish brat
It's not "rage" you're frustrated
Used up by opportunists
Got shit but impotent complaints

Perfect fit
Uneducated candidate
Proud fascist
Lining up the throats to slit
You're invalid and desperate
New think tank
You know who we should annihilate?

And it's all for what